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Welcome to Hampton Land '8 step' Land journey.

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Step One: Enquiry

You can contact us in a few different ways:
Telephone: 01675 442 022

or select contact us and one of the team will give you a call at your convenience.


Step Two: Our 1st meeting with you / or the land owner

During this initial visit we will come and discuss the opportunity with you, we will also answer any questions you may have about the land & development process.

Rest assured; this visit is a very relaxed informal discussion, where we use our experience to realise the potential of the site using all Hampton’s in house specialists.

Contact Us
Contact Us


Step Three: Feasibility study
(In house at Hampton Land)

We’re committed to finding the best possible approach to achieve planning on the site, so this is the part where we look in detail at all available options utilising our teams decades of experience.


Step Four - Re-visit land owner

When we discuss the next steps with you at this meeting, it will be with a clear view as to the best foot forward to helping you achieve maximum value for your land.

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Contact Us


Step Five - Purchase agreement

When we’ve covered all the details in steps 1 through 4, this part will be dedicated to structuring the best approach for all parties, we are always flexible in negotiating various types of purchase agreements with land owners in order to suit their particular requirements and circumstances.


Step Six - Planning

The planning process for the majority of applicants is a very long, laborious and costly process and is very dependent on a number of external factors, so its no surprise that the majority of applications are turned down, wasting both time and money for the applicant. Due to our level of expertise we know how to navigate the planning process and achieve a success rate we are proud of.

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Step Seven - Planning granted

Purchase agreement is completed and land owner is paid accordingly.


Step Eight - The acquisition phase

Dependant on the manner in which we’ve structured steps 1 through 7 will depend on the strategy we will employ to develop the site and complete the acquisition phase with you.

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Hampton Land Opportunities

At Hampton Land we maintain an active policy of seeking land for development and are always interested in hearing from land owners and agents who have land to sell.

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